Color Me…

I found these interesting articles on StumbleUpon and wanted to share so I decided to “new post” it. (If you have never used StumleUpon I highly, highly encourage it).

Influence of Color

Colors and Moods

I have long thought about the way colors influence your mood or certain colors in nature evoke various emotions.  I’m a sucker for shiny, vivid things. I notice that I resort to black when I’m feeling “blue” or low-key and turn to bright colors when my mood is effervescent.  I also notice that I tend to use pinks, purples, oranges and reds in most of my paintings.  Looking at these definitions of color, my paintings seem to be an expression of my energy, transformation and wisdom, strength and anger, not to mention love of beauty and happiness.  I’d say all of those things are true and exactly the reason I like to pick up my paintbrush from time to time.  These pent up emotions need to be released and painting is cathartic – this I knew… but I’d never really focused on why I used the colors I used.  Now it makes a bit more sense.  I can look back on these paintings and the situations or circumstances that spawned them and the color choices become clear.  The choice of color and symbolism is spot on.

When I came across this article I found myself pondering all the marketing and advertising strategies we are bombarded with in every day happenings and how they are playing on our color sensitivities.  I’m going to start paying close attention to what subliminal color messages are being delivered.  I’m not sure how much I buy into the “persuasion of color” and its potent abilities to control our decisions or make us act one way or another but I do believe it has an effect on our mood, which maybe in turn contributes to our decision-making.  Hmm.   It is definitely food for thought and y’all are my sounding board.

I thought you might find this interesting as well.  It’s a bit of a ramble but hey, that’s why I started this blog.  Maybe you’ll ponder or experiment with some of the color symbolism that surrounds you.  Happy Monday my peeps!


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